Riding in Iceland is a very memorable experience and most people tend to return to relive the adventure again and again. Iceland Trail Rides is unique because we ride in spectacular nature, crossing rivers and rough terrain on comfortably gaited horses. A special concern is directed to having good tölters in the herd, and we believe that trying many horses is the key of developing into an advanced rider of the Icelandic horse.

We have two kinds of tours; the shorter ones mostly on the same horse each day, but on the longer tours we drive a flock of loose horses with us, changing horses at least once each day. The days are 5-7 hours long. Meals and lodging are provided on our multi-day treks across some of the most beautiful terrain on the planet.


Hreinn Þorkelsson is the owner of Iceland Trail Rides, a small family-run company, specializing in horse trekking in the highlands and wherever we can happen upon an interesting folk tale or a viking saga. He has been guiding horse treks for nearly 20 years with two of the largest horse trekking companies in Iceland so you will be in good hands.

Hreinn enjoys sharing his passion for horses and the country with new visitors and will often tell folk tales or viking sagas that accompany the land that each tour rides through. Most of the horses that embark on these treks were bred and raised by Hreinn and his family, so as a horseman he has a deep knowledge and partnership with all the horses.

Hreinn and his wife, Auður.