This unique breed has a thousand year history. The first horses came to Iceland in the ninth century with Viking settlers from Scandinavia and the British Isles. Import of horses to Iceland has been forbidden by law since around year 1100. This has allowed the breed to stay pure for centuries and the result is a very special breed of horse.

The hardy and versatile Icelandic horse measures between 13 and 14 hands (135-145 cm stick) and will carry adults easily due to its sturdy and strong conformation. On top of that the breed is smooth gaited and often travels in a comfortable four-beat gait called "tölt".


You will be riding experienced trail horses chosen for their good nature, their staying-power, their ability to move smoothly in rough terrain, and their gaiting capacity. The majority of the horses will be fully trained but there will always be some youngsters tagging along for the experience and fitness.

No matter your experience level we will find several horses that will suit you. The horses you will be riding are always chosen with careful consideration. We do, however, prefer that you have some riding experience under your belt as the terrain in Iceland can be equally beautiful and challenging at times.

We breed horses ourselves, concentrating on well spirited, versatile, multi-gaited, riding and competition horses and we also like to use them in our tours as part of their education. Some of our well-bred horses are sometimes offered for sale, so don't hesitate to contact us if you are looking to purchase a quality Icelandic horse from proven breeding and performance lines. Our horses are always bred to perform - you decide whether it should be in breeding, at shows, on the trails or, perhaps endurance.